Dr. rer. nat. Falko Pippig (2012-2015, Project title:"Cationic/anionic push-pull systems: Synthesis, structure-property relationships and applications"

1. Dr. Anjan Ashokbhai Patel (2008, co-supervised, Project title:"Donor-Acceptor Substituted Imidazoles as Potentially NLO Active Organic Materials")

Ph.D. Students

5. Ing. Milan Klikar, Ph.D. (2017, Dissertation work: "Malonic acid derivatives as acceptor parts of push-pull chromophores")

4. M. Sc. Pravinkumar Hansraj Mohite, Ph.D. (2016, Dissertation work: "Utilization of a-amino acids in the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles")

3. Ing. Mgr. Daniel Cvejn, Ph.D. (2016, Dissertation work: "D-p-A Chromophores with Nonlinear Optical Properties")

2. M. Sc. Parmeshwar Bapurao Solanke, Ph.D. (2015, Dissertation work: "Synthesis and properties of model push-pull systems based on indane-1,3-dione")

1. Ing. Jiří Tydlitát, Ph.D. (2014, Dissertation work: "Synthesis and application of optically active imidazoline derivatives")

Master's Students

Ing. Michaela Fecková (2017, Diploma work: "Polarization of push-pull systems trought pentafluorosulfanyl group")

Ing. Zuzana Hloušková (2016, Diploma work: "Organic push-pull chromophores for photoredox catalysis")

Ing. Šárka Švecová (2016, Diploma work: "Thiazole-4,5-dicarbonitrile as a new electron acceptor unit in push-pull molecules ")

7. Ing. David Miklík (2015, Diploma work: "Pyridine as an Acceptor Moiety in Push-Pull Derivatives")

6. Ing. Jan Podlesný (2014, Diploma work: "3,6-Disubstituted 2,5-dihydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrol-1,4-dione derivatives")

5. Ing. Hana Čermáková (2014, Diploma work: "Imidazolium Based Tripodal Chromophores")

4. Ing. Milan Klikar (2013, Diploma work: "Barbituric Acid as an Acceptor Moiety in Push-Pull Chromophores")

3. Ing. Lenka Dokládalová (2013, Diploma work: "X-Shaped Organic Chromophores featuring Intramolecular Charge-Transfer")

2. Ing. Daniel Cvejn (2011, co-supervised, Diploma work: "Synthesis of Imidazole Derivatives with Potential Antimycobacterial Activity")

1. Ing. Jiří Tydlitát (2008, Diploma work: "Nitrogen Ligands Based on Hexahydro-1H-benzo[d]Imidazoles")

Bachelor's Students

Bc. Daniel Kršák (2017, Bachelor work: "Synthetic pathways leading to 4,4‘-dinitrobenzil")

16. Bc. Petr Lačný (2017, Bachelor work: "Synthesis and utilization of thienothiophenes")

15. Bc. Petr Pozděna (2017, Bachelor work: "Push-pull pyrazine derivates bearing anchoring group for TiO2")

14. Bc. Julie Holubová (2016, Bachelor work: "Proaromatic Electron Donors")

13. Bc. Jaroslav Charvot (2016, Bachelor work: "Organic push-pull chromophores based on triphenylamine for solar cells")

12. Bc. Eliška Nečasová (2016, Bachelor work: "Imidazole based tripodal molecules")

11. Bc. Eva Novotná (2016, Bachelor work: "Cyclic Fused 1,3-Dicarbonyl Compounds")

10. Bc. Veronika Jelínková (2015, Bachelor work: "Conjugated Thiophene Derivatives Bearing Electron Donor and Carbonyl Groups")

Bc. Michaela Fecková (2015, Bachelor work: "Electron withdrawing properties of pentafluorosulfanyl group")

Bc. Zuzana Hloušková (2014, Bachelor work: "Donor Substituted 1,2-Dicarbonyl Compounds")

7. Bc. Šárka Švecová (2014, Bachelor work: "Coordination Compounds of Push-Pull Chromophores")

Bc. David Miklík (2012, Bachelor work: "Push-Pull Systems based on Pyridinium Betaines")

5. Bc. Jan Podlesný (2012, Bachelor work: "Utilization of a-Amino Acids in the Synthesis of Optically Active Benzol[d]imidazole Derivatives")

4. Bc. Hana Čermáková (2011, Bachelor work: "Synthetic procedures leading to  5,6- disubstituted pyrazine-2,3-dicarbonitriles")

3. Bc. Lenka Dokládalová (2011, Bachelor work: "Preparation of 4,5-disubstituted benzene-1,2-dicarbonitriles")

2. Bc. Jindřich Mašín (2011, Bachelor work: "Synthesis and application of bromoketones derived from

1. Bc. Milan Klikar (2010, Bachelor work: "Chiral 1,2-diamines and their application in modern asymmetric catalysis")
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