Ing. Jiří Tydlitát, Ph.D.
Collaborator/Professor Assistant

born 1982 in Pardubice, Czech Republic
Location: HC-F05031, HC-F05027
Phone: +420 46 603 7500


Jiří Tydlitát received his Master degree in Organic chemistry from the University of Pardubice in 2008. In 2014, he defended doctoral work focused on optically active N-chelating ligands featuring imidazoline  under guidance of F. Bureš. Within 2011, he spent short term doctoral internship at the University of Łódź, Poland in the group of Prof. G. Mlostoń. Since December 2014, he joined the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology as professor assistant. He is actually dealing with polycyclic (hetero)aromates as a basic building blocks for novel fluorophores, NLO materials and photocatalysts.


Novel Polycyclic (Hetero)Aromates with Applications in Optoelectronics

Design, synthesis and characterization of new polycyclic compounds with perspective applications across all optoelectronic fields.

Supervised Students

Julie Holubová (Bachelor's student)

Tomáš Sejkanič (Student's Professional Activity)


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