Ing. Milan Klikar, Ph.D.

born 1988 in Turnov, Czech Republic
Location: HC-F05031, HC-F05042
Phone: +420 46 603 7751


Milan Klikar received his Master's degree in Organic chemistry from the University of Pardubice in June 2013 defending diploma work entitled "Barbituric acid as an acceptor moiety in push-pull chromophores". From October 2013 he pursues studies in the BuReS group as Ph.D. student. Since October 2014, Milan joined the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology as scientific researcher. In autumn 2016, he attends a three-month internship abroad at IUT in Lannion (France) under the supervision of Sylvain Achelle. Milan’s main research interest involves synthesis and characterization of new NLO materials. He is in charge of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC). 


Malonic Acid Derivatives as Acceptor Parts of Push-Pull Chromophores

Design, synthesis and further investigation of NLO active push-pull chromophores containing malonic acid derivatives as an acceptor moiety.

Defended on 24th November 2017.

Supervised Students

Bc. Veronika Jelínková (Bachelor's student)

Hana Stehlíková (Bachelor's student)


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