Bc. Jakub Štrojsa 
Master's student

born 1998 in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic
Location: HC-F05027
Phone: +420 607 641 039
E-mail: jakub.strojsa@student.upce.cz
Supervisor: J. Tydlitát


Jakub Štrojsa has completed his Bachelor's degree in Pharmacochemistry and Medicinal Materials at the University of Pardubice under guidance of J. Tydlitát in August 2021. His bachelor thesis focused on Synthesis of Tripodal Triphenylamines Bearing Two Types of Peripheral Electron Acceptors. He is currently pursuing Master's studies in Organic Chemistry under guidance of J. Tydlitát.


Emissive Push-Pull Derivatives for Scintillation 

Towards new organic conjugated molecules for scintillation.

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