Pravinkumar Hansraj Mohite, M.Sc.
Ph.D. student

born 1984 in Udgir, MS, India
Location: HC-F05042
Phone: +420 46 603 7751, +420 775 115 788 


I have finished my Master's Degree (M.Sc.) in Organic Chemistry from S.R.T.M. University, Nanded, Maharashtra (India) in July 2006.  From June 2007 to August 2010 I worked as a research assistant in CEPD Division, National Chemical Laboratory (CSIR), Pune, under guidance of Dr. C. V. Rode on the project entitled “Hydrogenolysis of glycerol to 1,3-propandiol”. From October 2010 I am pursing doctoral studies  at the University of Pardubice under the guidance of F. Bureš.


Utilization of a-amino acids in the synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles

Development of novel optically active benzo[d]midazole and a-amino acid derived nitrogen ligands and their application in asymmetric synthesis.

Defenden on 15. December 2016.


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