Ing. Veronika Jelínková
Ph.D. student

born 1992 in Brno, Czech Republic
Location: -
Phone: +420 722 905 722
Supervisor: F. Bureš


Veronika Jelínková received her Master´s degree in Organic chemistry in 2018 from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice under guidance of F. Bureš. Her diploma work focused on novel thiophene-derived electron rich scaffold of p-conjugated systems. Starting from October 2018 she rejoined our group as a Ph.D. student and simultaneously started her independent scientific career at the Institute of technology and business in České Budějovice.


Quinones as organic electrolytes of redox flow batteries

Design and synthesis of quinones and their utilization as organic electrolytes in redox flow batteries.


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