Ing. Veronika Jelínková
Ph.D. student

born 1992 in Brno, Czech Republic
Location: HC-F05027
Phone: +420 722 905 722
Supervisor: F. Bureš


Veronika Jelínková received her Master´s degree in Organic chemistry in 2018 from the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice under guidance of F. Bureš. Her diploma work focused on novel thiophene-derived electron rich scaffold of p-conjugated systems. Starting from October 2018 she rejoined our group as a Ph.D. student and simultaneously started her independent scientific career at the Institute of technology and business in České Budějovice. Since 2021, she is full-time Ph.D. student. In 2021, he pursued three-month internship at the University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal) under guidance of Dr. Pinto.


Organic Molecular Switches

Design and synthesis of molecular switches based on heteroaromatic azo compounds.


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