January-April 2024

4. 4. 2024

Pavel has successfully defended his dissertation work today, congrats! 

19. 2. 2024

Anas got a brand new profile on the webpage. 

8. 2. 2024

Zuzana, Monika and Milan jointly with the team of K. S. Schanze and R. Cibulka have published a thorough characterization and mechanism of action of our DPZ photoredox catalyst. The paper entitled: "Dicyanopyrazine photoredox catalysts: Correlation of efficiency with photophysics and electronic structure" has been published in the Journal of Catalysis. Congrats!

18. 1. 2024

Jointly with the team of F. Castet (University of Bordeaux), Zuza published a new paper entitled: Second-order nonlinear optical properties of X-shaped pyrazine derivatives in PCCP.
The paper has been listed among 2023 HOT PCCP Articles themed collection. Congrats!

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OPgm program