August-October 2018

22. 10. 2018

Veronika Jandová has updated profile.

18. 10. 2018

Zuzana Pacáková, Eliška Nečasová, and Kamil Rak have updated profiles.

15. 10. 2018

Kateřina Štursová has updated profile.

Few new pictures appeared in the gallery.

Do you ask yourself what can be arranged from the elements? Here is the answer...
(Primary school students homework:O)

11. 10. 2018

J. Charvot and V. Jelínková have updated profiles.

08. 10. 2018

M. Fecková has published a new paper entitled "2,4-Distyryl- and 2,4,6-Tristyrylpyrimidines: Synthesis and Photophysical Properties" in JOC. This research has been carried out within the scope of her joint Ph.D. cotutelle program with S. Achelle. Moreover, the paper represents hundredth scientific contribution from our group:) 

M. Klikar has updated profile.

04. 10. 2018

The BUReS group got a brand new GC/MS system:)

10. 9. 2018

Based on excellence of the CV, Zuzana Hloušková has been awarded a prize from the ProteoMass Scientific Society and Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) during the 3rd International Caparica Conference on Chromogenic and Emissive Materials. Congrats! 

16. 8. 2018

A new article entitled "From Linear to T-Shaped Indan-1,3-dione Push–Pull Molecules: A Comparative Study" by M. Klikar and P. Solanke has appeared in Helevetica Chimica Acta.
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