November-December 2018

17. 12. 2018

Milan's slides of "Thermal analysis" and "Cyclic voltammetry" were added to download from Organometallics.

Do not copy and you will remain an original! Cite and you will be cited!

12. 12. 2018

Patrik has composed a new guide to facilitate insertion of scientific outcomes to the OBD database, see the rudder.

New slides for "Organic Electronics" are now available to download from the Organometallics.

19. 11. 2018

A new review article entitled: "One-dimensional anodic TiO2 nanotubes coated by atomic layer deposition: Towards advanced applications" has been published in Applied Materials Today jointly with the team of our collaborator J. Macák.

14. 11. 2018

Milan Klikar has contributed to Dyes and Pigments with a new paper entitled: "T-shaped D-p-A-(p-A)2 chromophores with two auxiliary electron acceptors".
The article is based on the dissertation work of Pramod Solanke, a former member of our group. Congrats!

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