April/May/June 2020

01. 06. 2020

Z. Hloušková alias Z.
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05. 05. 2020

Jointly with the team of J. M. Macák, we have reported on new volatile selenium precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition of MoSe2 in FlatChem. The credit goes mostly to J. Charvot!

A new paper on intercalation of pyridylamines has been published jointly with prof. Pospíšil in J. Comput.-Aided Mater. Des.

20. 04. 2020

Despite the global pandemy, the BUReS group is still active. We bring here some latest news:

F. Bureš became a member of the following editorial boards:

Dyes & Pigments, Elsevier

Organics, MDPI

The following papers were recently published:

Acceptor-induced photoisomerization in small thienothiophene push-pull chromophores in Dyes & Pigments

Cyclic Silylselenides: Convenient Selenium Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition in ChemPlusChem

Branching effect on the linear and nonlinearoptical properties of styrylpyrimidines in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

See the publist for more informations.

An article on the BUReS group has been published in the university bulletin.

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