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Dear colleagues and friends,

it is our immense pleasure to welcome you at the first meeting on Aromatic HeteRoCycles (AHeRoC).
At the BUReS group, we always look on organic molecules as perspective materials and are mostly interested in their functionality and added value. We perceive this viewpoint far more general, as an element gluing the community of chemists, physicists, engineers, and materials scientists. In this respect, arenes represent a very burgeoning and long-lasting area of research, which has significantly infiltrated modern organic devices across organic electronics, batteries, switches, sensors, catalysts, drugs and many others. In addition, the presence of a heteroatom within the aromatic structure brings new and even pronounced fundamental physico-chemical properties that may be further utilized in various fields.
Upon several years of consideration, we present herein the AHeRoC as a wonderful pool of organic materials. We strongly hope the AHeRoC would become a platform for sharing and exchanging ideas, knowledge, methodologies, organic molecules, and mostly to learn novel and fascinating applications of organic pi-systems. The latter is the main focus of the conference. In view of the current pandemic situation, we decided to organize the meeting online. Unfortunately, this decision has detrimental effect on meeting in person, but we also believe that it would significantly facilitate your attendance as no traveling is needed. The AHeRoC will comprise of several invited talks as well as contributed lectures that are mostly devoted to younger researchers. In order to make your attendance easier, the meeting is free-of-charge. Only a registration is required, you can attend even without a contribution. A link to online meeting will be send to all registered participants during March 2022. In addition, a special issue devoted to the AHeRoC is organized jointly with the Organics journal.
A HeRo of our meeting is Carbon!

We look forward to see your favorite aromatic (hetero)cycles and their function on 16-17th March 2022.

BUReS group

The AHeRoC meeting is supported by the European Regional Development Fund-Project “Organic redox couple based batteries for energetics of traditional and renewable resources (ORGBAT)”, No. CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/16_025/0007445.